8 x 10     Price: $12.95    56 pages

Jayda's Scary Halloween is about a cute three year old whose in for the time of her life as she starts off on a happy note at her 2nd Halloween event, that is until she meets the wolf who scares her out of her mind and turns her into an instant track star. 








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8 x 10     Price: $12.95    56 pages

JAYDA MARIE enjoys a fun filled adventure  at Chuck E. Cheese where she is at first terrified of Chuck. Once over her fright she enjoys the remainder of her visit so much that she is not comfortable with leaving Chuck all alone.


               JAMAR'S BIRTHDAY        OUTFIT

8 x 10     Price: $6.95    22 pages

Jamar wake up excited anticipating a fun filled day at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his third birthday party. As Chuck sings happy birthday to Jamar, he feels like a genuine superstar at being singled out. Though his party was over Jamar woke up and put on his birthday outfit on again, and again and again. Months after his party was long gone he woke up one day unable to get into his outfit. and refused to go outside to play. His mother took some convincing  him that all was well and that he had many birthday parties to look forward to which made Jamar cheer up and look forward to his next big birthday party.

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                    DO TELL                SOMEONE!

6 x 9     Price: $7.95    149 pages

     Over 100 sexual abuse experiences are documented in this powerful enlightening book. Written in a comprehensive format, it explores the emotions of rape victims who range from two weeks to eighty-four years of age. The rapists--from every walk of life--vary from the “well respected church” minister to the “well adjusted” neighbor. It reveals how an experience like this can become the root or other problems when left unresolved. Most victims don't realize the connection. Ramifications include everything from multiple personality disorder to the most confident person becoming terrified at the very thought of being alone once encountering this traumatic abuse.

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          GOD IS EVERYTHING             Omnipotent, Omnipresent,                         Omniscient

6 x 9     Price: $8.95    220 pages

GOD IS EVERYTHING!: Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, list over 100 biblically inspired poems about God with Jesus spreading good news about God all over the land. It captures numerous miracles Jesus performed while on earth during His stupendous three-year ministry. Except for a handful of doubtful unbelievers who constantly tried to trip Jesus, it confirms the majority who appreciated Jesus. In the sweetest poetic praises it captures everything from the Magnificent Birth to the heart wrenching miracles to His undeserving death. Everyone whom sought Jesus out to touch, heal or bless their lives received an instant healing when touched by the Savior. GOD IS EVERYTHING! Is an excellent read. The first chapter concludes on a happy note with the resurrection and the witnessed ascension by His disciples. 

               BELIEVE YOU CAN!                President Barack  Obama

8 x 10     Price: $14.95    136 pages

A positive message of hope chronicling the life of the President from his childhood when he first desired to be the president right up to inauguration when his dream was realized. It literally captures confidence, determination and hard work at different times in his life as he holds on to his dream of becoming the president of the United States of America. With a beautiful picture on each page in conjunction to the words, it is told in a very comprehensive poetic format for children to enjoy and understand. This book is appropriate for ages 5 - adulthood- everyone who reads it, enjoys it!

            BOYFRIEND               TEENAGE LOVE

8 x 10     Price: $7.95    266 pages

 BOYFRIEND Teenage Love is a captivating story into the world of ups and downs in a young immature relationship between two sexually curious individuals. Marcus takes his girlfriend Tangie (who is totally infatuated by him) for a very long ride as she wonders if there is a meaning to sex and if in fact there is, what exactly is it. Marcus learned early on the Dr. Feel Good of intercourse but kept Tandy in suspense four lengthy years wondering before he discovered that she too could experience an orgasmic explosion which he had enjoyed from the very beginning of their relationship.

          JAYDA MARIE'S             BIRTHDAY

8 x 10     Price: $8.95    46 pages


Jayda have the time of her life at her very first birthday party. After hours of playing, she falls asleep in the midst of her very own party. Rejuvenated after a nap, she rejoins the celebration.  Later, everyone line up to hit the piñata quite a few times before it is finally brought down and send all the children scrambling to their feet. This is a wonderful book for any child to read, page after exciting page and will keep your beginning reader occupied for hours. The book is written in a comprehensive poetic fun rhyming format.